Be ready for your trip to Rwanda

Called the land of a thousand hills, Rwanda’s breathtaking scenery and warm, friendly men and women offer you exceptional experiences in a few of the most remarkable countries on the planet. It’s blessed with exceptional biodiversity, with amazing wildlife residing during its volcanoes, montane rainforest and sweeping plains.


Travellers come from far and wide to capture a glimpse of this glorious gorillas, yet there’s a whole lot more to see and expertise.

The west of Rwanda creates a branch of the Great Rift Valley called the Albertine Rift. It has several unique, endemic species and is exploding with life.

Chimpanzees, golden monkeys and other primates reside alongside countless brightly-coloured birds, butterflies and fauna.

And that’s just scratching the surface…

Rwanda is rated as the 2nd easiest place to conduct business in Africa from the World Bank and has been given for its leadership in tourism and economic competitiveness by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) and the World Economic Forum respectively.

The German carmaker has only opened an assembly plant in Rwanda, which will create around 1,000 jobs.

In a brand new chapter of financial transformation, VW can be spearheading community car sharing and ride-hailing by smartphone.

Meet at Rwanda

Rwanda is a great hub for events and meetings, together with world-class amenities — that the Kigali Convention Centre was picked to host the next Commonwealth Heads of Government Summit in 2020.

Conveniently situated near Kigali airport, the KCC provides a premium atmosphere for regional and global conventions, exhibitions, festivals, meetings and other occasions.


See Rwanda is Arsenal’s first official convention spouse, in a 3 year deal helping attract Rwanda into people’s heads in a fresh and dynamic manner.

Millions of people all over the world love to get on board with a Rwanda Safari and make the most of their trip to the beautiful country. From crypto traders to stay at home mums, there is no limit to who can go on a Rwanda safari and who can enjoy the most of their time there. So read on and make sure that you are ready for what is in store.

Visa Demands

A passport must input Rwanda however a certificate of vaccination isn’t necessary unless coming from a yellow fever endemic nation. Kenyan and Ugandan taxpayers may utilize an ID card instead of a passport to enter Rwanda.

Visitors from all nations who don’t get visa-free entrance are now qualified for visa on arrival for $30 USD (as of Jan 2019). Payments for your visa could be produced on birth in both money in addition to credit card. Citizens of Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa states will get visas valid for 90 days while other people will be allowed visas valid for 30 days.

Visa payments and applications for both the conventional visitor visa in addition to the East African Tourist visa may also be made on line on the authorities site . In a couple of days you’ll receive an email using all the correspondence of visa approval, which you need to print and deliver about the border entry point. The East African Tourist visa permits for multiple entrance traveling between Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda within a 90 day period. Note that leaving any of those 3 nations will invalidate the visa even when the 90 day period hasn’t yet expired.

Thin plastic bags are illegal in Rwanda. Luggage will be searched in the edge and also at police checkpoints across the nation to ensure that you aren’t carrying plastic bags. Before the ban, one time use plastic totes plagued city roads and threatened the delicate atmosphere. Now, Rwandan cities are nearly litter-free and some of the weakest in Africa

The Rwandan capital can be readily accessible (3 hr by road) in the Goma airstrip in DRC.


By bus

In Uganda, many bus Businesses create the 8-10 hour travel out of Kampala in Uganda into Kigali. Since 2015, it prices RWF8,000 from Kigali to Kampala on Horizon. Jaguar prices RWF6,000-8,000 – ancient buses are more economical. The most dependable bus company will be Kampala coaches, Jaguar and Ontracom out of Rwanda.

Tanzania has just one available border with Rwanda, but that is a far harder approach to enter Rwanda as a result of remoteness and lack of roads in western Tanzania. A bus operates from Mwanza into Benako (equally Tanzania) and out of Benako buses operate on Kigali. Another city to think about on this course is Ngara (Tanzania).

Many buses operate out of Dar es Salaam through Morogoro and Dodoma (they leave Ubungo bus station around 06:00-07:00) into Kahama daily. You’ll need to spend the night in Kahama and get a minibus or shared cab to the edge. In the Rwandan side of the border, you will find minibuses to Kigali.

In Burundi, there are two methods to enter from Rwanda, and safety in the border regions fluctuates. For the intrepid, There’s a daily direct service from Kigali into Bujumbura Run by Yahoo Car, along with also a”luxury” agency operated by Belvedere Lines. If there are safety issues on the Bujumbura – Huye – Kigali path, it’s also likely to go across the street bordering (although maybe not inputting ) DRC. You will most likely need to get this done at a succession of minibuses through Cibitoke, Bugarama (Rwanda) and Cyangugu (Rwanda). With these two paths, assess the safety scenario with your embassy (the Belgian embassy gets the ideal information).

For Democratic Republic of the Congo, a lot of the nation remains off limits to a lot of tourists because of doubt, though Goma and Bukavu could be seen easily from Rwanda.


Short distances could be hauled either on foot, or from taxi-velo (bicycle taxi). Taxi-velos are prevalent, and are comparatively inexpensive but not permitted in urban locations. A taxi-velo motorist will cycle, along with the passenger will probably sit precariously on the trunk.

Motorcycle taxis (taxi-moto) are also popular, particularly at Kigali, a typical journey will price from USD1-2. If you seem like a foreigner and therefore are walking on the primary street, motorists will likely come up to you to offer you a ride. The majority of the drivers talk only really basic English or French, should they talk any.

Taxis are somewhat less common, and so are best located at taxi stations, by waiting in the cab signal at bus stops, or simply by phoning them. They’re more expensive, even brief rides price FRw2,000, and more rides could be FRw5,000 or longer.

Slightly longer distances, really the entire nation, can be hauled by Matatu (or even Twegerane, literally let get nearer ). These white minibuses are located throughout East Africa, and are packed full of adults, kids, and whatever else you may imagine (bags, chickens).

Kinyarwanda is a formal language and the primary spoken language in Rwanda. It’s also spoken in the east of this Democratic Republic of Congo and at southern Uganda. Kinyarwanda is a tonal language of the Bantu language family, closely associated with Kirundi spoken in the neighboring state Burundi and a whole lot more distantly related to other Bantu languages like Swahili.



While French has been the prior language of government under Belgian colonial rule, because the civil war that the Rwandan government has moved away from the Francophone world of influence and also formally shifted the main language of schooling to English in 2008. As a consequence of this, elderly individuals who have been educated in Rwanda often possess some understanding of French, although the younger generation will have greater comprehension of English. Complicating that is the high number of returned refugees that have been educated in neighboring states. Those educated in neighboring Anglophone countries (Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya) often understand English while people knowledgeable in the Democratic Republic of Congo or Burundi will understand French. Swahili was created an extra official language in 2015 along with also a required subject in the college program as a consequence of its membership over the East African Community.